SCUBA & SCBA Testing and Servicing

We are an approved air filling station for SCUBA and SCBA cylinders and have a certified testing and servicing facility. We also offer servicing on various pieces of SCUBA equipment.

Key Cutting

We cut keys and undertake general Locksmith work including keyed alike padlocks and door locks, all configured to your home and business requirements. We also stock a wide range of door hardware and furniture.

Sharpening of Tools

From a simple pair of scissors to garden spades, hedge shears, hand saws, chisels and more. If it needs sharpening – we can help.

All Things Rope

If it’s rope or rope splicing you need, our team will be able to sort it for you. We even have chain to rope attachments to suit winch gypsies. From your floundering dory to the Queen Mary, we can handle most sizes.

Handle Replacements

If your trusty old tool such as a spade, rake or axe needs a new handle bring it on in and we will find the right handle for the job and even fit it for you.
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