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Gorilla Pro Gaps Multipurpose delivers an ultra-smooth finish that is important for a great paint job. It’s superior flexibility gives high crack resistance. It is paintable after 20 mins and water resistant once cured, does not stain and is almost odour-free. Excellent adhesion to porous substrates without primer.

Suitable for joints and small gaps where movement occurs, such as between wooden or metal window frames and concrete or brickwork. Joints between stairs and walls, concrete and ceiling elements, walls and ceilings, skirting boards, windowsills, doorframes and aerated concrete. Excellent adhesion to painted wood, anodized aluminium and PVC.

Suitable for Interior and Exterior applications
Superior flexibility
High crack resistance
Low shrinkage
Smooth finishing
Suitable for multiple surfaces
Forms an elastic water-resistant skin after full cure
Does not stain
Excellent adhesion to porous substrates
Paintable after 20 minutes (Given the great diversity of available paints it is recommended to do a compatibility test prior to application)
Almost odour free

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