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ROTARY TOOL KIT DREMEL 8240 12v 2ah 10-35kRPM


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Get the power to perform at your peak with the cordless Dremel 8240. With this portable powerhouse, you’re in control. You get the same power as with corded Dremel 4250, but without being tied to a socket. Small but mighty, you’ll enjoy a long runtime thanks to its powerful and removable 2Ah battery. So you can work where you like for as long as you like.

Dremel 8240 is designed with you in mind. From the ergonomic tool design to the button placement, this portable multi-tool has it all. You’ll love our trademark Dremel look and feel, with its super easy set-up and logical layout. We’ve made it run cooler and with lower noise (compared to Dremel 8220) so you can focus all your attention on your project. Plus the soft grip fits you like a glove. The speed setting of the Dremel 8240 is in the middle, right where you place your thumb to hold the tool. Now that’s ergonomic design at your fingertips.

Dremel 8240 also has a motor-brake which enables you to be more in control and safe. Rather than applying a slowing force, motor-brake stops the rotation immediately when turning the tool off.

The LED battery life indicators show you at a glance the remaining battery charge level. Your Dremel 8240 includes a hanger bail so it’s easy to hang on your Dremel toolholder with your Dremel Flex-shaft.

Power in action. Dremel 8240 is as versatile as it is powerful. Want to cut, grind, carve, engrave, sand, clean or polish? Whatever job you’ve got in mind, your Dremel 8240 is up for it as it’s compatible with the full range of Dremel multi-tool attachments and accessories. This includes the EZ Lock with its revolutionary pull – click – twist mechanism that lets you change accessories six times faster. Plus you can use Dremel MAX accessories with your Dremel 8240. They set the standard when it comes to being long-lasting and durable.

The basics you need to tap into the power of the Dremel 8240. It comes with a 12V, 2Ah battery and 2 Ah Charger. The five-piece accessory set gives you the essentials for cutting and sanding.

Enjoy the same power as with Dremel corded 4250
12V, 2Ah battery so you can work anywhere
Go for the basics with the 5-piece accessory pack containing all the essentials
Great run time and cooler operation to work comfortably for longer.

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